• Happiness Saigon and Tuborg's Interactive Music Video Brings People Together

    Music video featuring local artists JustaTee and Phuong Ly uses facial detection software to unlock more content

    Tuborg Open is a yearly musical collab between famous international and local artists. This year Vietnam’s hottest artists JustaTee and Phuong ly created Ta Là, a catchy V-pop song with lyrics that talk about the importance of being Open to More.

    But most music videos are usually watched alone. Even when we’re physically under the same roof, we just send content we like to each other. We very rarely actively watch it with one another. 

    That’s why Tuborg Vietnam, Happiness Saigon and its in-house production unit BLISS Interactive created an interactive music video that obligates people to come together. In the interactive music video, we see the two local artists JustaTee and Phuong Ly with different people locked in boring situations around them. The more faces are recognised by the facial detection software, the more situations around them unlock and the better the music video gets. 

    The music video, which doubles as a demonstration of the music video, gathered more than 6 million views. The experience brought together 418,861 people in total. Literally.   

We do everything to make people happy. Because happy people make great work. And great work is what makes people happy.

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