• A-List Podcast 4003 Alan Cerutti

    WARNING: This episode of The A-List Podcast may make you want to pick up and move to Saigon.

    Listen in as our host, Freelance Creative and Adhouse Professor Tom Christmann, talks to Alan Cerutti, CEO and co-founder of Happiness Saigon, a creative agency in Vietnam.
    Alan's origin story has it all: Trojan Horses in Brussels. Cars hanging from billboards in Christchurch. A girlfriend moving to Hong Kong. And a trip to Vietnam that was supposed to last three months turning into five years and counting at this hot creative shop.
    It also has plenty of advice for young people who are thinking of getting into this crazy business we call advertising. (Work for an agency that intimidates you.) And plenty of inspiration for veterans who still love this business.
    But if it makes you hop a flight to Saigon, that's on you. :)
    The A-List podcast is brought to you by Adhouse Advertising School. Whether you’re in Vietnam or Hong Kong or Christchurch or Knokke-Heist, you can take a zoom class with a working, A-list teacher at http://www.adhousenyc.com. You get ten live zoom classes for just six hundred dollars. (Or 14 million Vietnamese Dong.)

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