Recent research by Vietnam-based creative agency Happiness Saigon, which surveyed 100 creatives, found that 80% of graduates and 58% of working creatives looking for work in the creative services field, and more particularly in the advertising industry, find it increasingly challenging to make connections such as forming an Art Director/Copywriter collaboration.

    During this era of social distancing due to the global coronavirus pandemic, creatives around the world are struggling to connect with other creatives.

    Working off the insight that creatives need an easier way to meet others for work or professional development, Happiness Saigon launched AdMates, a unique platform that helps freelancers, working professionals, or young creatives find the ideal partner for a creative project or an internship.

    “As the platform continues to grow, we are proud to provide a space where ‘Bros&Sis’ can connect and accomplish their job and career goals in the most important way possible — together,” said Alan Cerutti, CEO & Co-Founder of Happiness Saigon.

    Cerutti added that AdMates also serves as a great tool for young creatives who are seeking mentors.

    “Our research additionally found that a majority of creatives just entering the field struggle to find ways to develop their skills,” said Cerutti. “Along with being a great resource for all creatives, regardless of experience level, AdMates is a fantastic tool for young creatives to gain experience and for prominent mentors to grow talent in Vietnam and other markets.”

    The AdMates platform, which recently launched in Vietnam and in Belgium, has plans to roll out across Southeast Asia by 2021.

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